Debby's Texture Brush

NEW!    Now available on acrylic handles!

1360 small, medium and large.

Debby's Texture brush can be used for foliage such as wildflowers, trees, shrubs, queen anne's lace, pussy willows, etc. Also for snow, clouds and teddy bear fur. 
There is a slight stiffness to the bristles, which are cut on an angle, this allows just the right stiffness and spring action, to achieve a softer effect. The ends of the bristles have been cut naturally; therefore, leaving the bristles with no split ends. Also with the slight stiffness of the bristles, the brush can be used on the whole foot, just the toe or just the heel.
The natural bristles allow you to use the brush in any medium on any surface, leaving you with an airy texture effect rather than globs of paint caused by soft, synthetic deerfoot brushes.  Refer to the Tips and Technique page for more info.
TB-Small $5.00
TB-Medium $6.00
TB-Large $7.00
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