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Each project taught at Debby's seminars is presented in an easy step-by-step method of painting; which is a calming effect on the nervous or beginner painter. You will go away from the seminar with helpful hints, the relaxed feeling that painting gives and also leaving you inspired to continue.

Debby is one of the Royal Ambassadors and can offer Royal's program that has been developed to make it affordable for qualifying groups to bring in a national teacher who is a Royal Ambassador. To help offset the cost, Royal Brush will cover a portion of the travel and lodging expenses. A limited number of seminars can be scheduled each year under this program. Early scheduling will ensure that your group can truly benefit from this program; which has been developed to continue education in decorative painting.  Debby is also a DecoArt Artist. DecoArt will help support the seminar by sending in product to use during the seminar days. Any design found on Debby's website can be taught as a seminar project.

If you would like more information on sponsoring Debby for a seminar, you can e-mail her for more details.

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Royal Ambassador
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